About Us

Scent Vent’s goal is to provide our customers with a gear dryer & odor elimination system that is cutting edge & unlike anything else on the market and is made right here in the USA.  In a world full of gimmicks, exaggeration, and false claims the difference between the great products and the poor ones is how well they function, how durable they are and the core values of the people behind the product. This is the back bone of Scent Vent. Not only does our product perform exactly as we describe it but it is also built to take the punishment that everyday life can give it. We at Scent Vent believe in three very important core values and these values influence us each and every day to make us not only who we are as a company but also who we are as individuals as well.


It is our belief that this is what influences all our decisions and is what creates great companies with great individuals. Things such as credibility, honesty, loyalty, respect, good work ethics, professionalism, and willingness to help others all become second nature when integrity is a foundation of what is built around


Constantly striving to become better and never become stagnant. We at Scent Vent always feel there is a better way to go about things and it is up to us to find out just how to do it. As a firefighter for over 20 years Mike has experienced time after time that there is always a way to improve. This is why we at Scent Vent will never be satisfied and will always be striving to improve upon being the best and the leaders in gear drying & odor elimination technology.

Customer Service

Scent Vent believes in providing the best service to each customer from purchase and beyond. We want to make sure our customers can honestly say, Scent Vent meets their expectations & enhances their experience for whatever application they are using it for.