Odor Elimination & Dry Hunting Gear

Odor Elimination & Dry Hunting Gear

Scent Vent is a 4’x2’x2’ 80lb roto molded device that uses to positive pressure ventilation for odor removal and drying items you would not want to dry inside a common household dryer.  Odor elimination is achieved through dehydration and air exchange and that achieved by Scent Vent’s powerful 4500 CFM fan. Positive pressure ventilation has been used by firefighters for over 20 years as the most efficient and widely used method of removing smoke, vapors & odors from structures.  By using a high velocity fan to push a large volume of air through a large opening and then discharging it out discharge openings that total less than half the size of the intake side a positive pressure is created. When this occurs inside Scent Vent’s treatment compartment that positive pressure air moves in directions and into areas it typically wouldn’t flow. It does this because the positive pressure air naturally moves into areas of lower pressure. This allows optimum flow throughout all items that are placed inside of the Scent Vent.

Scent Vent also performs odor elimination through both air exchange & dehydration. Scent Vent will forcibly push human odor out the discharge openings and bring in fresh natural outdoor air to replace it. Scent Vent also removes human odor through dehydration. The more moisture an object contains the more odor it is capable of producing. This is very evident in the woods after a rain, suddenly the pines smell stronger and the leaves, dirt, ect all put off significantly more odor. The odor we so commonly call human odor or body odor is actually bacteria waste and just like any living creature’s waste the more moisture it contains the more odor it puts off. Even though your hunting clothes may appear to be completely dry that is not the case at the molecular level. There the bacteria waste is full of moisture and putting off an extreme amount of odor. The more you dry out bacteria waste, the less odor it is capable of putting off.

Scent Vent will quickly dry washed hunting clothes without having to expose them to the unwanted odors associated with household tumbler dryers. Your hunting clothes will no longer be exposed to fabric softeners or human odor from your home’s dryer. Scent Vent will also rapidly dry your hunting gear after you’ve been out in the rain without having to contaminate it with unwanted odors in order to dry it. Scent Vent will also rapidly & safely dry out and save electronics, camera and video equipment that has gotten exposed to unwanted moisture.

After a days hunt, simply remove your hunting clothes, spray your clothes and gear with your favorite odor elimination spray and place them in the Scent Vent and turn it on and allow your clothes & gear to be treated all night until you’re ready to hit the woods the next day. Most hunters would typically keep moisture & odor trapped inside of a plastic bag or container all night fermenting their hunting clothes all night in body odor. With Scent Vent you will be discharging that odor from your clothes & gear all night while you sleep, significantly cutting human odor from your clothes & gear for your next days hunt.

Scent Vent also has a filter system that can accept your favorite cover scents, if the addition of a cover scent is something you desire. When late season arrives and so does the extreme cold weather, Scent Vent also has carbon filters available when the need to run Scent Vent indoors becomes necessary.

Scent Vent also allows you to eliminate odor from items that could never be fully treated for human odor in the past. Items such as backpacks, bows, seat cushions, archery release straps, and countless other items can now be treated for human odor.  One key note: only use odor elimination sprays on your clothes & gear before putting them into your Scent Vent and never ever right before you hit the woods. That will only rehydrate the bacteria on your clothes & gear making it easier for the animals your hunting to smell you.

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