Clean, Safe, Dry and Odor Free Athletic Gear

Clean, Safe, Dry and Odor Free Athletic Gear

Scent Vent is a 4’x2’x2’ device that was created to dry things you cannot put into a typical heated tumbler dryer. Scent Vent was also designed to perform odor elimination through an air exchange system & dehydration process.

Scent Vent uses a process called positive pressure ventilation, it is a process that has been used by firefighters for over 20 years as the most effective & widely used method to remove smoke, vapors & unwanted odors from structures. By using a high velocity fan to push more air through a large opening than can possibly be pushed out discharge openings that are less than half the size as the intake side a positive pressure is created. This causes air inside to travel in directions & to areas it typically wouldn’t travel as it seeks out areas of lower pressure. Scent Vent uses positive pressure ventilation to create optimum air flow to all areas of items that are placed inside the treatment compartment.

This allows items such as football shoulder pads, hockey equipment, and other thick padded equipment to be washed and be completely dried and be ready for the next day’s practice or game. Scent Vent is able to fully dry a pair of football shoulder pads that have been washed in as little as 4 hours. This is a huge benefit in battling the body odor not everyone enjoys being exposed to. This is also a great benefit in battling bacteria & MRSA infections and the severe health risks that come from them. Scent Vent also allows sweaty equipment to be dried after practices & games. This eliminates the optimum bacteria conditions that occur so frequently in thick padded athletic equipment.

No longer does your gear have to hang in a locker after practice or a game for hours soaking in sweat. Keep your gear dry and reduce the amount of bacteria and bacteria waste accumulating on your equipment.

Scent Vent is also great for eliminating body odor from your athletic equipment. Everyone has experienced the strong, unpleasant odor that comes from hockey, football and other sport equipment. Scent Vent can remove as much as 75% of that odor in as little as 4 hours. This occurs through air exchange and also dehydration. The air exchange occurs by Scent Vent’s high velocity fan forcibly pushing out the strong unwanted body odor and replacing it with fresh odor free air.

The other way Scent Vent eliminates that unwanted body odor is by dehydration. The more moisture objects have in them the more odor they are capable of releasing. The odor we so commonly call body odor is actually bacteria waste and just like the waste from a mammal, the more odor in this organisms waste the more it has. Even though your equipment may appear to completely dry this is not the case at the molecular level. It is at that level where the bacteria waste is full of moisture and putting off a ton of odor. What Scent Vent does is dries that bacteria waste out and just like mammal waste, the drier it is the less odor it is capable of producing.

Scent Vent also uses no ozone, which means it is 100% safe to use with no harmful or life threatening side effects. Also unlike ozone, Scent Vent is safe to use on elastic, rubber and metal. When it comes to drying & odor elimination of athletic gear Scent Vent is winner every time!


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