Dry Firefighting Gear

Dry Firefighting Gear

Scent Vent is 4’x 2’ x 2’ weighing 80lbs and is a roto molded device that is designed to dry turnout gear, facepieces, gloves, boots, ice rescue suits, SCUBA gear, ropes and electronics faster than any other fire gear dryer currently on the market. Scent Vent is firefighter owned and created, Mike Bahr is a firefighter with over 25 years’ experience working at the Wauwatosa, Milwaukee and New Berlin Fire Depts. The best part, Scent Vent is also the least expensive fire gear dryer on the market and is 100% NFPA compliant for drying turnout gear. While other turnout gear dryers take 6-8 hours to dry washed turnout gear (even though they advertise 3 hours), Scent Vent actually dries one full set of separated turnout gear in less than 3 hours. Scent Vent is also made in the USA right here in Wisconsin.
Scent Vent uses a process that everyone in the fire service is very familiar with, positive pressure ventilation. Scent Vent’s fast drying capabilities comes from its high velocity fan that is rated at 4500 CFM which is significantly greater than any of our competition. The positive pressure ventilation causes complete drying of your gear from one end of the treatment compartment to the other. This is much different results than simply blowing a fan over your gear and having one side dry while the other side remains wet.
Scent Vent comes with one pair boot/glove dryer tubes so rapid drying of the inside of gloves and boots is now possible. The tubes are also excellent for drying out the inside of ice rescue suits and especially the gloves & boots attached to them, which normally take days to completely dry. Caps for the discharge outlets are also included so when glove or boots are extremely wet all airflow can be directed just through the tubes to accelerate drying.
Facepieces and the harness assemblies are another item that after washing would typically hang to dry on the side of the rig, remaining wet for 15 hours or more. One Scent Vent is able to dry over 20 of them at a time in 1-2 hours, eliminating the need of having to wear wet facepieces after washing and reducing the risk of steam burns from a wet harness assembly.
Scent Vent also comes with a filter so if conditions are ever dirty from nearby road work or farm fields it is not able to be blown over your wet equipment.
Another advantage is you will never need a technician to come to your firehouse to repair Scent Vent. The only part on Scent Vent that can mechanically break down is the fan. The fan and housing can simply be pulled out and replaced. This is done at a cost that is far less than what other companies charge to simply send out a technician to attempt to diagnose the problem on their units. There is no unbolting, unscrewing, or rewiring, simply pull it out of the box and set the new one in its place and you are back in service. No other turnout gear dryer in the fire service can be put back into service so easily and so quickly. The controls for Scent Vent are mounted directly on the fan so no rewiring will ever have to be done. Scent Vent also has wheels on one end so it be picked up and rolled just like a piece of luggage and kept out of your way under a table, in a closet or in another room until needed. The roto molding Scent Vent is made of is the same process & materials kayaks are made of making Scent Vent extremely durable.
While our competition charges $5000 – $10,000 for their product and installation, Scent Vent is only $489.95. In a time where fire departments have to less and less money to use every year, Scent Vent is the obvious choice.

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