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What is air exchange and dehydration

Scent Vent removes odor by aerating bacteria waste and discharging its moisture & odor out of the ventilation compartment. This air movement from the positive pressure ventilation evaporates the moisture from the odor producing molecules and prevents anaerobic conditions from occurring, thereby reducing odor levels. Odor is created by evaporation. The more moisture something has the more odor it is able to give off. Even though things may appear to be dry there is still moisture in the bacteria and bacteria waste on the object. Bacteria are everywhere and on everything! The more things are able to evaporate the lower levels of odor it will have. This same process has been used to treat human waste so it will give off decreased levels of odor, and being that body odor is bacteria waste it becomes easy to see why Scent Vent is so effective. This why the areas on our body (armpits, groin and mouth) produce so much odor, they are also the areas that receive the least amount of air flow and thus the least amount of evaporation. Evaporation removes odor.

Why is Scent Vent better than normal washing for hunting gear.

Washing your hunting clothes after each and every hunt is a great way to rid that odor but is not always practical and will shorten the life span of your hunting clothes. Even though your clothes seem dry, the molecules and bacteria still have moisture around them. The lower you reduce those moisture levels the less odor you will have and the less ideal bacteria breeding grounds you will have in your gear/clothes. This is why Scent Vent recommends that to get the most effectiveness out of your scent elimination sprays you use them prior to putting your clothes into the Scent Vent instead of prior to hitting the woods because why would you want to give that bacteria waste any more moisture than it already has! Scent Vent is so effective because not only does is push the odor off your clothes with positive pressure ventilation but it also uses that same feature to dry out the odor producing contaminants in your clothes and gear.